— is a hair straightening procedure based on filling the hair structure with keratin. Gives smoothness and shine to hair.

Nanoplasty is an analogue of keratin straightening, only with a safer, and often completely natural composition. The main active ingredient is amino acids, which are built into the hair structure and fill it. Oils, extracts, panthenol and protein give hair even more restoration and nutrition.

Nanoplasty tames curly, tangled, unruly strands and is recommended for afro hair.The fundamental difference from keratin straightening is that nanoplasty is recommended to be done on relatively healthy, not too injured hair. Not suitable for blondes. Suitable for pregnant women and teenagers as it does not contain formal.

How the procedure goes: the composition is applied to the washed hair and kept for 30-60 minutes. Wash off with warm water, dry hair with a hair dryer, stretch with an iron. Under the influence of hot temperature, the ingredients of the drug are literally soldered into the depths of the hair. Then the composition is completely washed off with shampoo, a mask is applied and dried with a hairdryer. On average, the procedure takes two to three hours. It is worth considering that due to the effect of amino acids, the hair color can lighten by one to three tones, so it is better to do the coloring a week after the procedure.

Effect: hair becomes straight, elastic, shiny and well-groomed. The strands are not tangled, easy to comb and can be styled. In addition, they are reliably protected from cross-section and brittleness, thermal and physical influences. The result lasts up to six months with proper home care.

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