Hair reconstruction

Hair is one of the most important parts of our appearance. It gives us personality and helps us express ourselves. However, constant exposure to environmental factors, heat treatments, chemicals and other negative influences can cause damage to your hair. In such cases, you may need a hair restoration procedure.


The main causes of hair damage

Before delving into the process of hair restoration, it is important to understand what becomes the main causes of hair damage. Here are some of them:

1. heat treatment

Using straightening irons, blow dryers, flat irons and other heat tools can cause hair damage. High temperature destroys the structure of the hair, making it brittle and dry.

2. chemical procedures

Hair coloring, perming and straightening can also have a negative impact on your hair. The aggressive chemicals used in these processes can cause damage and dehydration to the hair.

3. improper care

Lack of proper hair care can lead to dry and brittle hair. Lack of nutrients and moisture makes hair brittle, dull and lifeless.

4. Environmental Impacts

Environmental factors such as pollution, sunlight and cold air can also harm hair. UV rays and free radicals can break down the structure of the hair, making it weak and brittle.


What is hair reconstruction?

Hair reconstructing is a procedure aimed at restoring damaged hair and returning it to health and beauty. It helps to strengthen the structure of the hair, restore its smoothness and give it a natural shine.

Hair restoration can involve the use of various products and treatments designed specifically to address damaged hair. They contain active ingredients that penetrate the hair and restore its structure, bringing back elasticity.


Types of hair reconstruction

There are several types of hair restoration treatments, each with its own characteristics and designed to address specific problems. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1- Cold Hair Restoration

Cold Hair Restoration is an innovative procedure that allows you to repair damaged hair without the use of heat. It is based on the use of special products containing active ingredients that help to restore and strengthen the hair.

2. Keratin hair restoration

Keratin hair restoration is a procedure in which a special composition containing keratin is applied to the surface of the hair. Keratin penetrates into the structure of the hair, fills in damaged areas and restores its elasticity and healthy appearance.

3. Botox for hair

Botox hair treatment allows you to restore damaged hair and give it smoothness and shine. It is based on the use of special preparations containing botulinum toxin, which fills the hair with moisture and gives it elasticity.


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