Escova de Biotina Nanoplasty Kit – Natureza Cosmeticos

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Product type: nanoplasty kit

For what type of hair: strong, natural, ethnic curl

Modification power: high

Purpose: straightening, shine

Country of production: Brazil

Suitable for pregnant women: yes

Product Consumption: Shoulder length: 15-20 ml; Shoulder length: 20-30 ml; Waist length: 30-40 ml

Delivery time from 1-7 working days ( Depends on the destination country )

 150,00 incl. BTW

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With the Escova de Biotina nanoplasty kit from Natureza Natural Therapy, you will improve the health and beauty of your hair. This set is an innovative system for and strengthening of hair, including a deep cleansing shampoo, nanoplasty and biotin hair mask. With these products you will achieve amazing results, providing your hair with maximum straightening, moisturizing and protection.

Natureza Natural Therapy Escova de Biotina Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This shampoo provides deep cleansing of the hair and scalp, preparing the hair for nano-plasty and masking. It removes residual styling products, impurities and excess oil, leaving your hair feeling fresh and with a healthy shine.

Nanoplasty Natureza Natural Therapy Escova de Biotina

Nanoplasty contains elements that penetrate deep into the hair, strengthening its structure, eliminating. split ends, giving hair softness, smoothness and shine.

What type of hair type nanoplasty works effectively with:

  • Thick and stiff ethnic curls;
  • Heavy hair with an S-shape;
  • Medium wavy curls;
  • The tiniest of curls;
  • Afro-coudry.

There is no formaldehyde in the composition of the product, which makes it safe even for pregnant girls and teenagers. Among the advantages it is important to note the absence of unpleasant odor and economical consumption due to the liquid consistency compared to similar products.

Mascara de Biotina Hair Mask

Biotin mask strengthens hair and promotes its growth, providing it with the necessary nutrition. It is used after the nanoplasty procedure, stabilizes the pH of the hair and softens it. It is recommended to use the hair mask once a week to maintain and strengthen the result obtained.

This product is enriched with a number of beneficial ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed keratin, collagen and elastin, which fill the hair cavities with proteins, increasing elasticity;
  • Argan and macadamia oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins E;
  • Biotin;
  • Honeysuckle flower extract.




    • Step 1
      1. Wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo.
      2. Rinse off the shampoo with warm water.
      3. Dry your hair 100%.
      • Step 2
      1. Divide your hair into 4 sections.
      2. Apply the nanoplastic composition liberally to thin strands.
      3. Evenly distribute the composition over the entire length of the hair with a fine comb.
      • Step 3

Keep the nanoplasty on your hair for 40 minutes to 80 minutes, depending on your hair type.

      • Step 4

After exposure to the nanoplasty, rinse it under running water for 40-60 seconds.

      • Step 5

The temperature of the iron and the number of pulls depends on the type and condition of the hair. The temperature is between 210 and 230 degrees.

    • Step 6
    1. Let your hair cool.
    2. Rinse hair with plenty of water WITHOUT using shampoo.
    3. Apply the Mascara de Biotina hair mask for 10 minutes.
    4. Rinse it off.
    5. Dry with a hair dryer.
    6. Style your hair as desired.

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