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Product type: nanoplasty

For what type of hair: strong, natural, ethnic curl

Modification power: high

Purpose: straightening, shine

Country of production: Brazil

Suitable for pregnant women: yes

Product Consumption: Shoulder length: 15-20 ml; Shoulder length: 20-30 ml; Waist length: 30-40 ml

Delivery time from 1-7 working days ( Depends on the destination country )

 100,00 incl. BTW

Out of stock


Natureza Natural Therapy Escova de Biotina nanoplasty, 1 litr volume.  This formulation is considered one of the most potent and effective. It can straighten even the most stubborn hair types:

  • Thick and coarse ethnic curls;
  • Heavy hair with an S-shaped form;
  • Medium wavy locks;
  • The finest curls;
  • Even Afro-curls.

This nanoplasty is intended for hair with a level of damage ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 degrees. A significant advantage is the absence of formaldehyde and its derivatives, making the product safe for use even by pregnant women and teenagers. The nanoplasty doesn’t have an unpleasant odor and doesn’t produce any fumes. Furthermore, its economical usage is ensured by its more liquid consistency compared to similar products.

Remember to use a special deep cleansing shampoo before the treatment to open up the texture and prepare the strands. Without the special shampoo, the treatment is not possible.

Let me remind you that if your client’s hair is prone to dryness (e.g. regularly exposed to the use of a straightener), it is recommended to use amino acid and lipid treatments beforehand. This way we compensate for deficiencies in all layers to achieve the ideal result, namely: strengthening the structure from the inside + imitating the cuticular layers:

✅Minimise traumatisation during straightener use
✅ Prolong the smoothness effect
✅The client arrives with a good hair condition when straightening again.

For this step, use the amino acid step with CÓRTEX spray or I LOVE BABOSA SOS or KERATINA HIDROLIZADA gel and the lipid step with MÁSCARA SOS reconstruction.


1. Wash your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo.
2. Blow dry your hair 100%.
3. Apply the agent in a row, evenly distributing along the entire length. Withstand 40-80 minutes.
4. Wash off with water.
5.After curing the composition: • for afro-type and very curly, coarse hair: rinse off 50% of the composition, dry the hair with a hair dryer for 100%. Stretch the hair strands 15-25 times with a flat iron at 230°C.

• for light and normal hair – wash off 100% of the composition with water without using shampoo. Stretch the strands 10-15 times with an iron with a temperature of 190 ° C-230 ° C

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  1. Hanna

    Best nanoplastia ❤️

  2. Maria

    Producto muy fuerte. Alisa incluso los rizos afro. El único inconveniente es que, como cualquier otra formulación fuerte, no se puede utilizar en cabello decolorado. Pero tomé poción de amor de queratina en esta tienda online especial para rubias, también me gustó este producto.

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