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Online store selling professional hair cosmetics. Official distributor of Love potion & Natureza Cosmeticos brand in Europe. We cooperate with beauty salons and hair reconstruction masters.



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Professional hair straightening products

Welcome to the world of professional cosmetics! Our products are the perfect solution for creating smooth, beautiful and sleek hair. We offer a wide range of products including professional hair keratin, nanoplastics, botox, treatments and more. Learn more about the benefits of the brands in our catalog and why they are so popular in Europe!

Love Potion & Natureza Cosmeticos hair straightening products are in great demand in European countries not only because of the quality, but also because of the long-lasting effect. The structure of each person’s hair is different, so manufacturers have provided a variety of formulas that can work effectively even in difficult situations.

Brand representatives actively engage with customers, taking into account their feedback and preferences. Regular research and testing is conducted to ensure that products meet expectations and deliver effective results


Cosmetics for beauty salons: support for professionals


KERATIN EUROPA is the official distributor in Europe and exclusive supplier of Natureza Cosmeticos and Love Potion brand in the Netherlands.

Despite our popularity in the CIS countries and Brazil, we are the first to actively introduce these brands to all professionals in Europe and to communicate the features, value and purpose of each product in an understandable language.

Our mission — provide a quality product for beauty salons and hair reconstruction masters to work with.

When you purchase products through our professional hair cosmetics store, you get an original product that comes to the Netherlands directly from the factory.
A wide range of products are available with detailed descriptions including:

  • characteristics
  • features
  • for whom it is recommended
  • formula
  • usage effect
  • instructions for use

Our managers are online to answer all your questions and provide consultation. We strive to create long-term partnerships with beauty salons and stylists by providing the best tools for professional work.

We keep up to date with the latest trends in the beauty industry. We appreciate the trust you place in us and ensure that you receive the highest level of service when working with us.

The best technologists in Brazil have given our team master classes on how to use the products, so we have a lot to share with our customers on social media. Subscribe!


Professional keratin for hair


The most popular product in the Love Potion & Natureza Cosmeticos line is keratin. The innovative line in our store has unique properties to straighten any wave, give your hair a healthy look and elasticity. It also fights porous hair, making it smooth. You can buy keratin for hair in one click on our website.

Keratin for hair fills with nutrients, straightens, eliminates breakage and split ends. Thanks to its regenerating properties, it restores naturalness and makes hair more elastic. The result is smoothness and shine that delight its owners every day!

Brazilian keratin has advantages over conventional keratin:

  • contains additional active ingredients (amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts);
  • The special application method allows to penetrate deeper into the structure and ensure a long-lasting straightening effect;
  • the result lasts up to several months, depending on individual characteristics.

The liquid keratin, thanks to its consistency, is easy to apply and distribute, providing comfort and convenience. It can be used as a thermal protection before using a flat iron. It can be, for example, spray keratin for hair, which is applied wet or dry.

Hair smoothing is possible, among other things, through the use of a professional hair mask with keratin, which differs from the usual intensive and deeply penetrating properties.


Hair reconstruction


Hair reconstructing is an important step in hair care, especially after damage from coloring, chemical treatments or exposure to negative environmental factors.

Reconstructor masks contain special active ingredients such as keratin, collagen, amino acids and vitamins that penetrate deep into the hair structure, fill in damaged areas and restore their natural balance. Thanks to this, hair becomes stronger, more elastic and resilient, gaining a healthy shine and silkiness.


Nanoplasty for hair: the latest technology


A special feature of nanoplasty is the all-natural formula of the ingredients. Only formaldehyde-free cosmetics are used for the procedure. It is safe for pregnant women and teenagers. The main active ingredient is amino acids, which integrate into the structure and straighten it. Oils, extracts and protein additionally nourish.

It is recommended especially for African hair types as it smooths frizzy, tangled and unruly locks. Nanoplasty is not suitable for blondes. It is important to perform it on healthy and undamaged strands.

Instructions for use:

  1. Apply to washed head and leave on for 40-80 minutes.
  2. Rinse hair with warm water, blow-dry and straighten with a flat iron.
  3. Finally rinse off the product, apply a mask and blow dry with a hair dryer.

It is important to know that the effect of amino acids can lighten the hair by several tones, so it is recommended to postpone coloring for a week after nanoplasty.


Botox for hair: revolutionary restoration


Botox is designed for intensive reconstruction, restores protein at the capillary level. The main active component is botulinum toxin. It straightens light and medium wave. It also helps to soften and smooth by filling internal voids.

BTX for hair creates a protective layer against environmental damage, UV rays and the effects of the flat iron.

The treatment makes strands smooth and shiny, manageable for any styling. It strengthens and prevents breakage. Suitable for absolutely everyone and can be recommended for both restoration and maintenance of health and beauty. Before applying Botox it is necessary to use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove impurities or styling residues.

Also on the website is a keratin/botox hair base. It is designed for those clients who need additional reconstruction before straightening. Using BANHO de bamboo cortex spray + mask, you will nourish your client’s hair with deficient components such as collagen, elastin, lipids and proteins and amino acids, and you will be able to prepare the hair for further straightening procedure. The visual effect will be even better. The result after straightening lasts much longer!


Hair cosmetics: what is important to know?


Proper home care will allow you to maintain the effect for the longest possible time. Our store offers a variety of hair care products, kits for curl shaping, reconstruction and neutralization of yellowing:

  • masks
  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • oils
  • combing creams

If you want keratin hair straightening to be as effective and harmless as possible, choose only modern solutions from the world’s best brands. Keratin for hair straightening is the perfect way to achieve smooth and manageable hair. We have everything you need for you!

Enjoy shopping with KERATIN EUROPA!

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