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Catalogs Natureza Cosmeticos and Love Potion

Beautiful and healthy hair, which does not require hours of styling, is the dream of a modern girl. A long-term levelling effect can be achieved with the help of current keratinization, Botox and nanoplasty procedures. Products from brands such as Natureza and Love Potion for professional use provide excellent aesthetic results for a long time.

The Keratin Europa hair cosmetics online store is the place where you can order straightening products and hair reconstruction care products from Brazilian brands. The range includes products from the manufacturers Natureza Cosmeticos and Love Potion Cosmetics. The catalog is represented by shampoos and conditioners, balms and masks, keratin compounds and nanoplastic kits. We offer a complete set of necessary consumables and tools for craftsmen. Quality assurance and high-quality service are the priorities of our work, therefore we offer only world-famous cosmetics at an affordable price.
The Brazilian brand Love Potion and Natureza are the best solution for masters, and working with the Brazilian brand will only be a pleasure and satisfied customers.
Leading technologists work on the creation of each product. By carefully selecting each component, they achieve the ideal composition that will bring the most noticeable effect and will not harm your hair. All products are tested only in the company’s own laboratories, so you can be sure that you will receive a safe and highly effective product.
What Brazilian cosmetics Love Potion and Natureza are currently available in the Keratin Europa online store? First of all it is:
Keratin with maximum straightening effect. The task of this complex is to revitalize the internal and external structure of the hair, maintaining the effect up to six months. Products are equipped with natural vitamins and amino acids, aimed at nourishing curls, softening and protecting against destructive external factors.
Nanoplasty is a novelty in the Brazilian market, quickly gaining the attention of many stylists and hairdressers. The formula is able to cope even with the strongest curls. From the use of the above products, the mucous membrane is not irritated, there are no unpleasant sensations and allergic reactions. Full smoothing and glossy shine is guaranteed.
Botox, based on hyaluronic acid, which has an immediate effect on the hair cuticle, fills the strands with moisture and completely restores hair that used to be dry and brittle and also has a straightening effect. This product helps to strengthen the hair, its elasticity, silkiness.
It must be understood that, taking into account the laboriousness and complexity of the procedure for straightening and restoring curls, before carrying it out, it is strongly recommended that you read the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the tools, and be sure to follow the rules indicated in it.