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The set includes:

Natureza Cosmeticos Preparatory Cleansing Shampoo;
Natureza Natural Therapy Escova de Biotina amino acid straightener.
Innovative nanoplastic Natural Therapy Escova de Biotina, developed by Natureza Cosmeticos (Brazil), is a universal straightening agent without aggressive components and harm to hair.

The formula contains argan and coconut oils, vitamins, panthenol and amino acids that penetrate deep into the structure, rebuilding its chains to achieve an even hair texture and well-groomed appearance. The product softens, makes curls elastic, shiny and obedient.

Due to the absence of formaldehyde and its derivatives – Natural Therapy nanoplastic is not prohibited for girls in position and adolescents, and also does not have caustic fumes. Straightening and restoring power is available to everyone who is tired of fighting frizzy, frizzy and frizzy hair! Suitable for afro hair. Another advantage of the product is economical consumption. A more liquid consistency is responsible for this than with similar products.

The effect of Naturez Natural Therapy nanoplasty:

Filling and restoring the structure;
Effective straightening without harm;
Strengthening and thickening of hair;
Intense shine, smoothness and softness;
Elimination of fluffiness and split ends;
Increased elasticity and strength;
The use of this product contributes to the charming appearance of the hair: they are straightened, filled with shine, become flexible, dense, bright and well-groomed.


Protocol of the procedure NANOPLASTY ESCOVA DE BIOTINA 🌿

✅Step 1

Wash your hair with shampoo (do not use SHGO). Wash off the shampoo with warm water. Blow dry your hair 100%.

✅Step 2

Divide your hair into 4 sections. Apply generously to thin strands. Evenly distribute the composition over the entire length of the hair with a thin comb.

✅Step 3

To withstand the composition on the hair from 40 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of hair.

✅Step 4

After exposure of the composition: Wash off the composition under running water for 40-60 seconds.

✅Step 5

Hair straightening. The temperature of the iron and the number of broaches depends on the type and condition of the hair.

✅Step 6

Let your hair cool. Rinse hair with plenty of water WITHOUT using shampoo. Apply conditioner or hair mask. Wash away. Dry with a hair dryer. Style your hair as desired.

✅Procedure completed


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