Nanoplasty or keratin?

Nanoplasty and keratin are two completely different procedures, therefore, in order to make a choice, it is recommended that you first of all contact the master for advice.

Their differences are not only in the compositions themselves, but also in technology and results.

A consultation before nanoplasty is mandatory, first of all, so that the master can assess the condition of the client’s hair, since this procedure cannot be performed on damaged hair or after a perm.

Conscientious and competent masters will recommend that you undergo a Botox procedure for hair before nanoplasty, or in other words, a course of cold recovery. Therefore, those who opted for nanoplastics should initially allocate the budget and tune in to a long preparation for the procedure.

Most often, nanoplasty is done only on natural hair. If the hair has previously been bleached or if it is only planned to get out of the dark, then it would be best to choose keratin.

Nanoplasty and keratin are aimed only at straightening and smoothing hair. ‍Also, both procedures will give your hair a mirror shine after blow-drying, soldering the ends, friability and good thermal protection.

But you need to keep in mind that nanoplastics have a longer wear time than keratin after the first procedure.

Another difference between the procedures is the price. For masters, most often the price of nanoplastics is noticeably higher than that of keratin, and this is justified, since the cost of the composition itself is also higher, and besides, the technology of the procedure requires more time spent than the keratin straightening procedure.