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In the set:

1.Natureza Cafe Verde Purifying Shampoo
2.Keratin composition Natureza Cafe Verde

Keratin Natureza Cafe Verde (Brazil) has an innovative healing formula that will provide even more shine, softness and restore damaged hair to its natural strength and endurance.

The product contains a healing complex of hydrolyzed keratin, red palm oil, mint extract and green coffee beans.

Ideal for Slavic hair type up to the third degree of damage, turning into the fourth with a medium, dense wave.

Green coffee bean extract intensively nourishes, moisturizes and gives perfect smoothness.

Keratin Natureza Cafe Verde is perfect for: thin, bleached, highlighted, fluffy, damaged, brittle, porous, dull and dry hair.

Tool action:

Complete straightening of the structure
Fluffiness Smoothing
Elimination of porosity due to filling
Fight against dryness and brittleness
Sealing the entire length and soldering the ends
Capillary recovery
Mirror shine and silkiness
This effect lasts for 3-5 months, depending on proper care, the condition of the hair and the experience of the master.

The composition can be washed off immediately after the procedure, but for the best effect it is recommended to withstand it for 24 hours.

How to use

Step 1

Wash your hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo 2 times until impeccably clean. Wash natural hair 3-4 times. For the last time, leave the shampoo on your hair for 5 minutes. Wash off the shampoo with water. Blow dry your hair 100%.

Step 2

Put on silicone gloves. Divide your hair into sections. Next, apply the composition to thin strands, carefully and evenly distributing the composition along the entire length of the comb with frequent teeth. Step back from the roots 1 cm. Leave the composition on the hair for 30-50 minutes.

Step 3

Remove excess composition with a thin comb or paper towel. Blow dry your hair 100%.

Step 4

Run the iron over each strand 10-15 times. The temperature of the iron depends on the degree of damage to the hair.

Step 5

Rinse hair with water without shampoo. Dry with a hair dryer. Style your hair as desired. Procedure completed.
But for the best result, you can leave the composition on your hair until the next morning and wash off the composition using shampoo.


  1. Marisha

    Cafe verde best keratin for ever, thanks so much for fast delivery 🙏

  2. Kate

    Comfortable for work, excellent result “after”😍

  3. Petra Frankie

    very high quality product, easy to work with, my customers are very satisfied. Thank you, I will order more from you.

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