What is keratin? Let's take a closer look.

Keratin is the main component of any person’s hair. In cases where keratin is completely washed out of the hair, a person simply begins to lose his hair. Almost all hair treatments are made up of keratin. It can be both daily hair care and more effective procedures for hair restoration.

The most effective hair restoration procedure using keratin formulations is called “Keratin Hair Treatment”. This procedure is carried out in stages. The first stage – the hair is washed with a professional shampoo that opens the scales. The second stage – keratin is applied to the hair. At the end of the procedure, the hair is sealed with the right temperature of the forceps.

KAs a result, after the procedure, the hair becomes smooth and healthy. It is thanks to the smoothing effect that the procedure is carried out not only for the purpose of treatment, but is also widely used to straighten curly hair.